Sunday, 8 November 2015

The Camden cafe that 'just wants you to be happy' truly

Sometimes when the weather changes and the nights get dark early.. you might find yourself walking along the street away from the greenery of the hilly park, in the rain in the middle of the day you might need a pick me up coffee.. might need a pick-me-up piece of cake, you might even want to get away from it all and hide away under a glass roof while the rain comes down and nestle down with a good book, maybe a borrowed one, of real paper and hey then the warm, kind, French sounding barista tells you he 'just wants you to be happy', so much he's even printed it on the cup...

No it's not Alice in wonderland, it's all true!! It's called Falla and Mocaer on Parkway in Camden.

Nobody of Any Importance on the table there by the sugar, go pick it up.
Falla and Mocaer are two of the most vibrant friendly cafe owners you're likely to meet, always a conversation and a really interesting one; we talked about WW1, because one of the book's they have for browsing is the memoir 'Nobody of Any Importance' A Foot Soldiers Memoir of WW1' by Sam Sutcliffe an actual soldier from WW1 from London. It's a tear jerker and a real eye opener to the realities of what actually took place in Gallipoli as well as in London. We talked about how the new generation aren't really aware of the horrors back then.

Good then that there's a free reading happening, given by Phil Sutcliffe, his son, at Primrose Hill Community Library then on Remembrance Day 11th Nov 7:30 for details click here.

This place is a find, vibrant for the family on the weekend, and chilled out enough to get some free WiFi and work done during the week... that's worth falling through the rabbit hole.

Thursday, 5 November 2015

A little magic for the seasonal change

Selfridges lit up windows.
Its that time of year when the leaves are starting to fall and it's getting colder, Oxford Street is always my gem for a dose of lights and magic, the shops are already glowing, the trees decked with fake icicle lights, and in the dark early evenings it is very cheery.
So after a particularly long meeting this week I took a stroll to take it all in and ended up by  Selfridges.

What's great is they actually really picked up on the magical theme the windows are decorated in astrological themes, and amazing facts about the earth and size of planets and the stars around the side. The front of the shop glows with a holistic circle, and inside there are many other facets to explore, including gifts and a wonder shop.
The glowy circle of all things planetary

They even have a clairvoyant to add to the mystery. Her name is Naz Alibagi and I couldn't help but be intrigued. She read crystals (something I'd never heard of before) and tarot 15 minutes a time, no charge. She's from their 'Psychic Sisters' group on the ground floor, who also have a great display of all things crystal, and spiritual, as well as planetary.
Oddly my mum had quizzed them before we happened past Naz at Illamasqua  as my mum is into this sort of thing, they charge a very pretty penny and none seemed as genuine or as keen as Naz. So we were lucky then, very lucky that they had a slot open.
My mum had her questions answered and predictions made, she was a happy glowing soul.

Naz doing her thing

Other people I spoke to afterwards said Naz gave them 'food for thought', that she was really nice, and 'saw things that surprised' them, she was able to connect within that 15 minutes with all sorts of people from what I saw, everyone stood to hug her at the end.
She has a way with words, and a warm friendly nature. She's also been a editor and a writer, the author of a book, so maybe that's my connection!! ;)

The staff at Illamasqua were wonderful too, very helpful, very kind, and professionalism that stands out. I know it's Selfridges but you don't get that sort of service on every counter. It was a clever idea to bring a seer for the future near the end of the year to launch their new Equinox collection bought  people to the brand- and it was fun too.

Some seasonal magical lights
So I've started the autumn on a bit of a mystic step, as well as the lights along the shops which are bright and vibrant even on a rainy day like today...because the leaves falling off the trees and the colours they leave imprinted on the road driven in there by the traffic is natural London magic too!!