Wednesday, 28 June 2017

London which rises like a Phoenix, with a cocktail

You will no doubt have heard about the Westminster Bridge terrorist attack, and the London Bridge terrorist attack, and the Finsbury Park terrorist attack, no matter where you are in the world.
London seems to be a scary place to be, facing such violence and such, for want of a better word.. terror.
Westminster North Bank.
This blog can't ignore the fact that sometimes a wonderful city, full of vibrancy and spirit is the target of those who seek to gain notoriety and influence.
But it is the view of this blog that they are simply cowards, cowards picking easy targets.
Geoff Ho, a fellow journalist there at the time agrees when he saw a bouncer being attacked he simply said 'not on my watch' and went in to help. He was stabbed and currently recovers in hospital.
Down but not trodden, there were many wonderful heroes in these scenarios, professionals and lay people, and that fills my heart, and the hearts of all the good people in London, this was true in the times of the IRA which I lived through, and it's true now.

Grenfell Tower
So it also applies to the totally avoidable tragedy that is the fire of Grenfell Tower, I am about a mile away from Grenfell, and my heart was so attached to the scene as it unfolded.
I cried and I stand in solidarity with the people of that Tower, they could easily be me.
They were failed. Seriously failed, and while the whole situation unfolds and personal stories come out, there is still that fierce London spirit that followed, the volunteers that came out, the people that donated and the hub bub of the common person that cared and wanted to help.
They came out long before any formal response from the council and the government. This is the real spirit of Londoners, we are a city with heart and love.

So the fact that on the 9th July,  some of the best bars in London will be coming together to shake up some incredible cocktails at a one-off fundraiser event - with 100% of revenues going to charities connected with the disaster, comes as no surprise.

The London Fire Brigade Welfare
fund- many fire fighters saw things they need help with,
the K & C foundation – an organisation connected to every charity involved, who will be able to distribute the funds effectively and appropriately. The Big Give have pledged to double all donations to this charity while match funds last and the
The Harrow Club + Rugby Portobello
These community charities were chosen because not only do they exist to help young people in the community they have proved their value during the Grenfell Crisis; this donation can help to make their jobs easier now it’s harder than ever.
Bartenders from communities across London will be making the journey west to Westbank in Notting Hill, with the drinks menu changing throughout the day and night depending on who’s behind the stick. Cocktail bars such as Callooh Callay, City Social, Trailer Happiness and Barrio Bars are included, but the list grows as I write they say – "get ready to taste the best drinks you’ll ever drink in the name of a good cause."
A whole day out 3pm-1am there'll be live music, DJs, food, a charity auction, and both indoor and outdoor space. 
3 Cocktails for £20 and all that money goes to charities for Grenfell Tragedy
Ticket price, which will be donated in full to the chosen charities, will be £20 and will include 3 delicious full-size cocktails. 
More drinks will be available to buy on the day – and thanks to the incredible generosity of many of the UK’s best-loved drinks brands and all the money you pay goes to the charities.
We Stand Together T-shirts by the W11 Campaign will also be on sale on the day.
Details below:

Time: 3pm-1am

Tickets: £20 including 3 drinks tokens.

Social: @ldnspiritfund

Tuesday, 31 January 2017

London's amazing new baby a from Central/South American migrant parents: A baby ANTEATER

Beanie, Born Dec 28th 2016

With the current state of the world going on about migrants, and taking our jobs, taking back our country, banning you from here, but not from there, and all those alternative facts your mind might just be about to burst, so just for a moment, revel with me in the good, no great baby news of London!

London, has a new arrival, from migrant parents! A (very cute) baby Anteater named Beanie.
Born just after Christmas, Beanie, weighing just 1.2kg, has a surrogate mum in the shape of lovely fluffy yellow teddy bear. 
Beanie's first time mum Inca rejected her new offspring, but the stripy baby will soon be introduced to the rest of the giant anteater family at ZSL London Zoo, where keepers hope that more experienced female Sauna will take over other mothering duties, such as carrying Beanie around and socialising her, so she can grow up part of the group.

Young anteaters get around by clinging to their mother’s backs, so the newborn has been keeping a firm grip on zookeeper Amy Heath’s shoulder, Amy keeps a watchful eye on Beanies development keeping a record of all her activities, eating, sleeping and of course the ol' bowel movements.
Little Beanie is bottle fed and hand fed (which will go on for about the next 6 months) before getting all cosy and falling asleep cuddling her giant teddy bear.

She's already developed her curved claws, which will grow up to four inches in length and are used to dig around in the ground to find tasty ants and termites.

Beanie with her surrogate muma teddy
 Amy, loves caring for the baby Anteater;
“Giant anteaters are an incredible species, they’re unique to look at and their iconic snouts are perfectly designed to sniff out their food. While they’ve got no teeth, their claws are the perfect tools for digging an opening into ants’ nests and Beanie has been practising her digging skills on her teddy bear, or even sometimes my shoulder! She’s a very strong youngster with a sweet personality; she loves to burrow her long snout into my neck for a cuddle!”
Beanie weighs 1.6kg having gained weight since her birth- and despite Beanie's tiny size now she’ll grow to be around 7ft in length and weigh as much as 45kg.
She looks adorable and such a welcome addition to the London population, Anteaters are naturally from Central and South America, which have the largest of four species of existing anteater.
They are endangered because of  threats including habitat destruction, fire, and poaching for their fur and as bushmeat, classed as Vulnerable by the IUCN. 
aww, look at that face.
Proving that having this animal in a safe welcoming city like London, can save this animals from crazy people with guns and a mortal fate, and caring people like Amy is exactly what London and it's people are about.
Looking at her sweet innocent face though I might be a little gentle with my hugs given her long sharp claws!
Do find out more about the Zoo and the good work it does to protect all species.
Their slogan: "Imagine a world without Wildlife"  I'd rather not, if that's OK. Get involved at:

*note: despite rumours disseminated by 'alternative facts' agencies, Inca was never heard to have said 'these teddy bears, come here, to the Zoo, taking our babies! Anteaters first!'  at any time in the enclosure at London Zoo'
The surrogate teddy may or may not have been made in China, it matters not, we are all welcome in London.